Pantech Pusuit II Avalible July 17th

Pantech is known the world over for making some really excellent phones. While the majority of their devices are mid to entry level phones, it’s good to know there is a company out there with that focus. About a year ago the Pantech Pursuit launched alongside the Pantech Link, the Samsung Strive and Sunburst. The Pursuit as it seems was the best device out of the bunch. Why is that you ask? Well because the world is getting prepared for the launch of the Pantech Pursuit II. Many mid to entry level devices only get to see the light of day once. In some occasions the phones do so well there is reason for return. The Pursuit II is here to continue the legacy of the Pursuit.

The new Pantech Pursuit II comes to the world under the At&t moniker and sports functionality that will allow any user to handle their day to day mobile affairs.  The Pursuit II gives you total access. The tech specs will not blow anything out of the water, but can handle the job, or jobs its presented. The Pursuit II sports a 2.8 inch touch screen display that provides a pixel resolution of 240×320. Under the hood you can expect Brew MP to be calling the shots. The operating system also has some excellent drag and drop shortcuts to go along with the full slide out QWERTY keypad. The camera on the Pursuit II comes in at 2 mega pixels and sports a 4x digital zoom and can easily be put into video capture mode. You can also expect Bluetooth, expandable memory up to 32 GB via microSD cards, GPS, Email services and even turn by turn navigation. The center of the Pursuit II is its QSC 6270 ARM9 processor that clocks in at 230 MHz, which is more the enough processing power for its potential end users.

While the Pantech Pursuit is indeed a mid to entry level device, don’t call it a dumb phone. The Pantech Pursuit II will become available July 17th and come in green and pink variations.  What is the best part about the Pursuit II? Well its price of course. The Pursuit II will run new contract customers a mere $49.99 after a mail in rebate worth $50 bucks.  

So let us know what you think of the newest Pantech Pursuit. Anyone use the original Pursuit? Are you looking forward to the Pursuit II?

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