The Pantech Pocket puts Affordable 4G Android in your hand

The new Pantech pocket has become officially official today and the cost of smart phones just keeps getting lower. When new ‘low end’ or entry level smart phones become official it always puts a slight grin on my face. When what used to be high end specs become the norm and pumped out to the masses in affordable volume the envelope in turn gets pushed a bit further on the higher end of the spectrum. As Sprint takes to the streets with their amazingly affordable Express, it seems that At&t is jumping in with the Pantech Pocket. Does the Pocket have what you’re looking for in a smart phone? Let’s see…

The Pantech Pocket was first announced at CTIA earlier this year by At&T alongside the Atrix 2, Samsung Doubletime and the At&t Avail. The Pantech Pocket may seem like a standard bar styled touch screen device, but its oddly short stature makes for a unique
experience for its users. The Pocket uses a 4 inch touch screen that comes with SVGA 800 x 600 pixel resolution. One early look at the device by stated “we felt as though we were holding a 4.7-incher”. The Pocket measures in at just over 3 inches in width. With the unique 4:3 aspect ratio and build the company is saying end users will get 20% more viewing area then other 4 inch devices. So we know the screen and sizing of the Pantech Pocket is pretty unique, what else is in store for this ultra affordable
compact device. The Pantech Pocket uses Android version 2.3 or Gingerbread if you’re counting calories. Internally the Pantech Pocket comes with what you would expect from a 50 dollar phone. Its potential is run by the power of a Qualcomm MSM8255
single core processor that clocks in at 1Ghz. Backed by 512 MB of RAM and 600 MB of internal storage, the Pocket can surely hold its own when it comes to processing. It also sports expandable microSD SDHC memory up to 32GB. The Pocket also sports a 5 mega pixel camera that can auto focus, digitally zoom and even record video in 720p HD. Other details include Wi-Fi connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1, micro USB and GPS connectivity. The Pantech Pocket is also said to come with Amazon’s Kindle app and Google Books app preinstalled. The Pantech Pocket is available now at Ma’ Bell for the low price of fifty bucks after a new two year contract, and a mere 400 bucks unsubsidized! The Pocket is also a 4G HSPA+ device.

So the Pantech Pocket looking good to you? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this newly affordable Android device. But before you go check out our huge selection of Pantech accessories.

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