The Pantech Perception Is Officially Announced by Verizon

Pantech_perception_Verizon_officialVerizon launches the Pantech Perception. Recently Pantech took to the presses and announced the near bezel-less Vega Iron, a high end flagship handset with all sorts of features, bells and whistles. The company has been on a roll released smart phones left and right. Most recently the Discover, the Flex and now the Perception which has been lingering around the rumor mill for quite some time.  Today the Verizon has announced the Perception’s release confirming its existence and perpetuating yet one more awesome handset by Pantech!

Ah, the Pantech Perception. It seems like only yesterday we were wondering when it would be your time to shine…the time has come! Way back in January renderings and leaky details of the Pantech Perception spilled onto the floor and exposed itself. Shortly after its stint with evleaks the Pantech Perception made its way through the loving halls of the FCC, and just two short months after its governmental, physical the Perception is finally becoming a real boy. Starting this Thursday, April 25th the Pantech Perception will go on sale with Verizon for about 100 bucks after a mail in rebate and of course agreeing to a new two year contract. The Pantech Perception starts with Android version 4.0 and gives its users access to the OS via a 4.8 inch 720×1280 Super AMOLED that offers up 306 pixels per inch. Internally it comes with a more than capable Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 system chip that offers up a dual core 1.5 GHz processor, GPU and 16 GB of built in storage. Around back of its thin build resides an 8 mega pixel camera while a 2 mega pixel shooter lives upfront. Additional connectivity for the Perception is provided by GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, micro USB 2.0 and Verizon’s legendary 4G LTE. The Perception also adds in a cool feature that allows its users to ‘wave a hand over the phone to answer a call, scroll through contacts, change a song being played or find a picture from their library”. Also, while running with a slightly dated version of Android, Verizon claims the Perception will be getting an update to Jelly Bean soon.

Anyone interested in the Pantech Perception? An affordable handset with some cool features and more than capable spec’s. Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Pantech Perception. Also don’t forget that the very best in Pantech accessories are here.

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