Pantech IM-A830S BenchMark Scores Show off ICS, Dual Cores and an HD display

Pantech is a solid competitor within the mobile phone arena and a new device like this Pantech IM-A830S will only make their selection stronger. Recently the company has released some lower end devices like the Pocket 4G and some strong mid range models like the Pantech Breakout. They have even stepped into the tablet market with the likes of the Pantech Element, but what has always seemed to be missing from the manufacturer is a high end super smart phone. Rumors of the IM-A830S could bring just that to the table.


Click to check out the GLBenchmark data for your self, a Japanese based mobile blog has unearthed some benchmark testing of the IM-A830S and things seem to be looking up. The model IM-A830S is surely a code name that could be protecting the solace of the recently un-earthed Pantech Vega LTE. So what can we expect from Pantech’s super phone? A whole bunch of super. The GLBenchmark testing has shed some light on this new device and what lies beneath its unseen build. According to the benchmarks this new handset will feature a 1.5GHz dual core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, specifically a MSM8960 version. With this chipset the Pantech IM-A830S will have LTE capabilities. Testing on the new mystery device has also uncovered its resolution. 720p screen anyone? The IM-A830S will be running with a screen of unknown size that clocks in at a 720×1280 pixel resolution. However, because the IM-A830S will be running Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich, the actual resolution will sit at 720×1196 to ensure the navigational buttons at the bottom of the operating system are fully pixilated. also points to the model number from the bench marks show the IM-A830S is destined for Korean based carrier SK Telecom. With that being said the chances of this device hitting American shorelines is slim, however PocketNow.Com says they are hearing rumors of an global release on the handset. The more you read into it the more this mystery IM-830S device sounds like the Vega LTE.

Sound good to you? Would you like to see higher end Pantech options? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new mystery phone and Pantech in general. Also always remember we carry the largest most affordable selection of Pantech accessories anywhere on earth!

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