The Pantech Element Tablet gets leaked before CES

The greatest event for technology nerds is just around the corner. Next week CES will be in full swing in Las Vegas, Nevada and the next generation of high end and low end tech will make its way into the public eye. The best part about it, well, the early leaks of course. Pantech is known for making some very powerful, entry level and mid range dumb and smart phones. With their seemingly endless selection of highly capable phones, you may notice Pantech is missing in the tablet race…not for long.

BGR has uncovered some details surrounding the soon to be announced Pantech Element tablet. This new slate packs in some pretty powerful specs, headed for At&t and carries a price tag that’s a lot more affordable than the Jetstream! While the information on this newly published leak may be a bit off in any direction it sounds pretty solid. The information brings the Pantech Element to At&t’s unfinished but super fast LTE network. The Element is rumored to launch with the carrier on January 8th for $300 bucks under the terms of a new two year contract. It will run about $500 off contract. So whats in a name and a price tag? Well a lot. The Pantech Element runs with an 8 inch touch screen display that shows to have a rather large bezel and an ear piece? Internally this new slate will run Android version 3.2 or Honeycomb that will get its go from a super snappy 1.5 GHz dual core processor. Other details that have spilled out around the Element include 16GB worth of internal storage and an “advanced Piezo Motor” for haptic feedback. The Element also packs in some cameras. On the back you’ll get access to a 5 mega pixel camera that can record video in full 1080p HD video. Up front your video chatting and self portraits will be good with a 2 mega pixel shooter that can record in 720p. The Pantech Element is also said to be “waterproof for real life”. According to the source the Element is protected by IP57 grade water resistance. This grade of water resistant is said to keep the table splash resistant when all ports are sealed. BGR goes on to state that At&t is going to extra lengths to make sure their salesmen are not pitching the Element as submergible. So “water resistant” is surely a better way to explain it…anyone interested?

So a Honeycomb, 4G LTE, dual core based, 8 inch tablet that is water resistant! Sounds like a very good deal! What do you think? Sound like your new tablet? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this excellent new slate from Pantech via At&t. But before you leave check out all of our Pantech accessories today.

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