Palm webOS gets 1.4.5 update

The once popular Palm has recently expanded its horizons. Actually I guess that would be the ever powerful HP has expanded its horizons. Ok, however you would like to see it, Palm has issued an update to their Pre line. Here it goes.

WebOS is the Palm branded operating system that has been consistent enough over the years to spawn new ideas into the mobile industry. Recently however the Palm OS has seen a drop in its user base. Monday marked a new day for Palm Pre and Palm Pixi users. The WebOS 1.4.5 update when noticed on Monday was to be issued to Sprint and SFR customers (SFR being a French based carrier).  This update is supposedly directed at fixing some security issues, it is said to fix issues when attempting to download podcasts, will fix entering text in web pages and will also be providing support for webOS PDK. The update is available on Palms website and or should be issued to end users via OTA. At the time of this update being released it seemed that there were some issues with the SFR download page and the Sprint page crossing paths.

When checking Palms site now it’s does not seem that the update for webOS 1.4.5 is available to Sprint customers. The update is currently only available to SFR customers.

Hold tight Sprint customers as it can only be assumed that the update should be issued soon.

Tell us what you think; have you downloaded the webos 1.4.5? Did you see any major improvements?

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