Palms Pre gets over clocked to 1GHz


The Palm Pre will forever be known as the last of Palms attempts to keep afloat. The Palm Pre and the Palm Pixi were essentially the last two phones made by the company before its billion dollar buy out by HP. No one knows what the definitive future of Palms handhelds are but if they perform to the speeds of this over clocked Pre well then the future should indeed be pretty bright.

With the recent launches of QUALCOMM’s 1GHz Snapdragon and Samsungs Hummingbird processors seemingly showing up on almost all new devices hitting the market, dedicated webOS users may be feeling a little outdated and slow for that matter. But fear no more my Pre toting individuals an upgrade to your processor may be just what you need to stay with webOS. Pre-Central is reporting that a patch for the Pre has been discovered and put into effect over clocking the little Pre to 1GHz of processing power. The over clock hits Palm Pre’s in the form of an update to UberKernal which is now up to version 1.4.x-92. This recent update is said to be notably faster than a recent over clock to 800MHz. But that’s not it folks, it gets better. Along with the up clock, comes a revised Govnah (v 0.6.7), this essentially will help manage the power hungry 1GHz processing by screen management. When the screen of your Pre is off, the processor will set at its standard speed. However, when you turn your Pre’s screen on you will experience the blazing speeds of the up clocked processor.

If you’re interested in boosting the speeds on your Pre, keep in mind that the patch is indeed free, however, does require root. And while the hack has been thoroughly tested it is safe to say, over clocking can mess your phone up, so install at your own risk.

Pre users are you interested? Looking to up clock that Pre of yours? Check it out over at PreCentral and let us know how it goes

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