Palm’s webOS 1.4.5 soon

Palm has again announced that an update to Web OS will be coming soon. This is on the heels of a similar statement made early May. So it is mid July and the coming soon idea has been forgotten about by most. The recent news from the Palm camp pictured above is to Palm app developers, if there are any of them left.

The notice states that developers would be emailed early in May and they would need to report “show stopper” issues within one week before the release is put in the hands of Palms carriers. Once in the hands of the carriers the developer would have around 2 to 3 weeks for to address further issues with their application and the updated webOS. Pre|Central has reported that the update is “imminent” and should be available soon. The updates reported focus was to get a better handle on the PDK applications as well as add 3D gaming functionality to the Palm Pixi. It is rumored that carrier testing is pretty much finished, however one carrier giant is in the midst of a mid life crisis and will need to clean up their system before the update can become active. It’s stated that one of the carriers is still working out some small bugs and most other carriers are ready for the update to be implemented.

Considering the hardships that have fallen on Palm, with the lack of trendy designs and the slow pace of updates this seems to a reasonable wait, and most dedicated Palm users will have no problem waiting. Good things take time to create and Palm seemingly knows this.

No worries though Palm we are waiting in the wings for your update to webOS, we are sure it will be worth the wait.