Palm users get an update 1.4.5

Palm has been going through some changes recently; with their buy out from HP to webOS’s future it is good to know that Palm has not forgotten their user base. A much needed update is slated for release according to some Sprint documents that have recently been discovered by the guys over at PreCentral.       

Palm Pre users can expect an update as soon as today. A webOS update to 1.4.5 has been leaked via some internal documents over at Sprint, some updates and changes to the OS will include, a Sprint TV update upgraded to version 3.5.4 (whooooo), video trim features now work to send a message, send a video via multimedia messaging from Video application, the Pre’s power use and battery has been optimized, Sprint branded default email signature correction, corrected text entry on the web and Web podcasts now download correctly. This update has been is long overdue, as the last update that Pre users were graced with came way back in March. The update to 1.4.5 is surely a good thing however is leaving some Pre users with a bad taste in their mouth as the devices, definitely need more attention. A comment posted by one of PreCentral’s readers sums it up, “4 months of development and this is what’s coming out?” No word as to when Verizon customers will be seeing the update, however with everything going on in the Verizon Droid world it may be later than sooner.

Are you a Sprint Pre user? Have you checked the update, sound off and let us know how you feel about this update and the time it took to get it to you.

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