Rumor: Current Palm Pre and Pixi Models to Receive HP webOS 2.1 Update

The Palm Pre 2 already has HP webOS 2.0 but older Palms might skip right to webOS 2.1.

Long suffering Palm users have been promised the update to webOS 2.0 by Palm to arrive by the end of 2010. While it technically has happened—in the form of the release of the Palm Pre 2—owners of pre-Pre 2 smart phones are stuck waiting for the update for their devices and have been fed the standard and intentionally vague “in coming months” line from Hewlett Packard/Palm. (HP bought Palm not that long ago.) However, a new rumor from Spanish-language blog WebOS en Castellano points to a HP webOS 2.1 update headed towards the Palms left out in the cold right now.

While the information from the website isn’t exactly conclusive—private forums are the cited source—HP does have to eventually release a version of webOS 2.x that runs on older Palms. Otherwise, it will risk alienating its already tiny user base even more. Previous reports state that webOS 2 will not support Adobe Flash Player on Pixi series smart phones. If the webOS 2.1 rumor is true, Palm and HP might be waiting for this problem to be fixed before sending webOS 2 out the door to older models. We can hope can’t we?

The HP webOS 2.0.1 update is already available for unlocked Palm Pre 2 smart phones.

HP webOS 2.0.1 has already been released but carriers have not yet started supporting or rolling out the update. Unlocked Palm Pre 2 owners can download and install the update themselves. Version 2.0.1 only brings bug fixes so what exactly is going into version 2.1? That’s a mystery to everyone outside of Palm and HP.

As for official word as to when the webOS 2.x update will start heading out, German carrier O2 has posted through its official Twitter account that webOS 2 will make an appearance in the first quarter of 2011. (That’s anytime between the beginning of January and the end of March.) As for the rest of the carriers out there supporting Palm smart phones, your guess is as good as mine.

Hoping your current Pixi model will finally get some Adobe Flash love from Palm? Are we getting ahead of ourselves talking about HP webOS 2.1 already? Just want to get your hands on a PalmPad tablet? Let me know.

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