Palm Pre Plus Coming in May 16 with AT&T Mobility

Palm Inc. has somewhat been left behind with the competition between smartphone giants RIM’s Blackberry, Google Android devices and Apple’s iPhone. With the Palm Pre Plus being released with At&T this May 16, Palm Inc. hopes to get back in the saddle with the current big boys in the smartphone industry.

The company has had it shares of highs and lows for some time. It had just recently been bought by HP for a $1.2 billion after sales of their Palm Pre and Pixi lines have not been as high as they would have hoped. Although the devices running on a more efficient WebOS, they have largely been ignored with the hype brought by their competitors. Their current range of prices may spell more trouble for the company.

On May 16, the Palm Pre Plus will be offered through AT&T at a price of $149.99 under a two year carrier service plan. This is the lowest price that the company is able to offer, after consumers mail in their $100 rebate. Other carriers have already tried to lend a hand to the ailing Palm Inc. by also offering the devices. Sprint is offering consumers similar prices as AT&T for the said product. However, the largest carrier Verizon Wireless is offering the Palm Pre Plus at a much cheaper rate, at a mere $50.

In order to try to compete with Verizon’s low prices, AT&T will also be giving away a limited edition Palm Touchstone Charging Dock for devices purchased at any retail outlets starting the May launch. The carrier is also planning to offer consumers a free navigational app as well as access to their 20,000 Wi-Fi hotpots. Although AT&T is offering more, it may take more to convince consumers to pay $100 more for such features. Who knows, maybe AT&T will decide to offer something more or drop the prices over time.