Palm Pre 2 Coming to Verizon Soon

The next Palm smartphone will be the Palm Pre 2 and Verizon is going to be one of the first carriers to have it. A leaked training picture showing part of Verizon Wirelesses internal training systems and the Pre 2 was sent into Engadget. It looks like the name Pre 2 might be official as well.

The Palm Pre 2 has already shown up in pictures and cleared the FCC so it looks like the device is all ready to go. Sporting a new 1 GHz processor, 512 MB of RAM and a slightly more sexy design, it is expected to launch with WebOS 2.0. Battery life improvements and some slight tweaks are also in the mix.

While Verizon is almost certainly getting this, there has been no word yet as to if Sprint or AT&T will sell the phone or when. Verizon’s end of life date for the Pre Plus is rumored to be near the end of October, so I would guess this might show up as early as November. Adding to the rumor is the fact that Verizon normally waits until a month before a device goes on sale to start training its staff, presumably to cut down on leaks. There is also no pricing information available yet, but with how done this phone looks, I would expect HP (who recently acquired Palm) or Verizon to do some type of press release in the near future.

Further proof of a near launch date for this smartphone is the fact that Verizon has the price of the Pre Plus at $49.99 with two year contract and the Pixi is going for free with two year contract. When a flagship smartphone is going for that cheap, you know it is being replaced. Rumors of the Pre Plus being out of stock cropped up earlier today, but I could not find confirmation on Verizon’s website.

Besides just the Palm Pre 2, remember that HP/Palm are working on a full touchscreen smartphone with a huge screen. The Palm ‘Mansion’ has no release date or carrier information, but is most likely the “new Palm” that HP mentioned would be releasing early next year. Think the Pre form factor still has some life left in it? HP being in control going to destroy the brand? Ready for a keyboardless, WebOS 2.0 powered phone?

Let me know if you’ll be snagging a Pre 2.

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