Palm Pre 2 Photos Leaked Online

The probably launching in November Palm Pre 2 has gotten cleared by the FCC and now some leaked pictures of it have shown up online. MobiFrance got the scoop with pictures after some of the specs for the newest smartphone coming from Palm and HP (who bought Palm recently) showed up on SFR.  The new smartphone does also look to have a bigger screen.

Right now all we know about the Palm Pre 2 is from leaks, but the smartphone is expected to be shipping with a 1 GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and WebOS 2.0. For the Palm fans out there, this might just be enough reason to upgrade. WebOS 2.0 is expected to bring push technology to pretty much everything and the Pre 2 will also have some power saving technology inside of it. That is a good thing, since the battery on this is the same as what was in the older version.

From the pictures you will notice the Pre 2 has a camera with a flash. The Pre Plus had 3 megapixel camera, so I would expect Palm to be updating the Pre 2 to have a 5 megapixel. This is quickly becoming the smartphone standard and hopefully Palm also decides to let the camera do 720p HD video recording like its competitors.

Perhaps the bigger news is that the Pre 2 is expected to have WebOS 2.0. Palm already has made the software developer kit (SDK) for the new OS available to select developers and it will roll out for all of them by the end of the year.  The new OS is also going to be pushing Palm’s ‘Synergy’ system and will allow developers access to it. It will also be more HTML5 friendly.

Liking how the Palm Pre 2 is looking in the pictures? You might notice that the little cover over the microUSB port has been removed. Anyone else get annoyed by those? Tell me what you think of Palm’s next WebOS powered smartphone. I know it isn’t the Palm ‘Mansion’, but that will probably not roll out until sometime next year.  Now let’s just hope that Palm decides to quickly give everyone the WebOS 2.0 update. Manufacturer who also build their own operating systems *cough* Research In Motion *cough* are sometimes far too slow at rolling out new OS updates for older models.

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