Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 Get Commercial, 5 or 6 New Palms Coming in 2011?

Big, big news and rumors about Palm’s future hit the internet this week—the Palm Pre 2 and HP webOS 2.0 have gotten their own commercial and five or six new Palm devices are expected to be released by the end of 2011. Don’t worry; I have the commercial after the break and some information on what exactly Palm and HP are up to. (Just in case you have been living under a rock this year, HP bought Palm.)

The Palm Pre 2 running HP webOS 2.0:

The commercial skims over the improved interface in HP webOS 2.0 (yes, HP branded it) and gives you a look at Angry Birds running on the Pre 2. The ‘just type’ feature also gets a sneak peak as does the multitasking abilities. Like what you see?

The Palm Pre 2 will be shipping soon in the US on Verizon Wirelesses network. It will include a 1 GHz processor and 512 MB of RAM. HP webOS 2.0 will include Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1. The Pre 2 is mostly just an update of the Pre Plus but it does look pretty good in action and will be Palm’s ‘fastest’ smartphone yet.

Now for the really juicy stuff.—a Chinese trade paper—claims that Foxconn Technology and Compal Communications have signed contracts to build five or six new Palm models next year. This is probably what HP was talking about when they said new Palms would be out early next year. Readers might note that Foxconn also builds the iPhone for Apple. The big question is what these devices will be.

The Palm ‘Mansion’ has already been spotted once and will be touchscreen only. The PalmPad tablet is also going to launch next year. That only leaves three or four unknown devices. No idea yet what they could be. Let’s hope they rock. I would expect something to replace the Palm Pixi and another device to replace the Palm Pre series. Anyone interested in a landscape oriented Palm smartphone with a slide-out keyboard? We’ll have to keep scouring for news on what these models will be.

Let me know what you think of the video. Keep in mind that while the current models of the Palm Pre and Pixi will be getting an update to HP webOS 2.0, the Pixi series will not get Adobe Flash. Also, support for emulating old Palm software is being cut from the new version of webOS. Sound off!

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