The Palm Pre ‘2’ Clears the FCC

Those new Palm devices that HP promised would be coming next year? The Palm Pre ‘2’ just got FCC approval and thus, a sneak peak for all of us. Codenamed the P102, this device won’t be the rumored Palm ‘Mansion’. Instead of the full touchscreen and lack of keyboard like the Mansion, the P102 is similarly shaped to the Palm Pre Plus and even shares the same battery.

The Pre 2 is a slider, naturally, and will have b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1. Not bad. What is particularly nice though is the 1 GHz processor the Pre 2 will be packing under the hood. There are also claims of better battery life with the new processor, which might be why Palm isn’t bothering to increase the battery capacity.

So when will the Pre 2 launch? Expect by March 2011 at the latest. That’s when the confidentiality agreement between the FCC and HP expires. This is looking to be an update to a current model, so maybe it will show up sooner than expected. Let’s hope.

HP has three Palm devices in the works now: the Palm Pre 2, the Palm Mansion and the PalmPad tablet. WebOS 2.0 anyone? Now that HP has control of Palm, the company looks to be getting back on track. Let’s hope these coming devices sell like hotcakes. The world needs more smartphone companies or eventually everything will be running Android.

Excited that the Pre 2 is coming? Going to hold off and wait for the Palm Mansion to show up? Already switch to another platform and not sure you want to go back? Let me know in the comments.


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