Palm Pre 2 Very Real, 1 GHz Processor Confirmed

Just last week, a new Palm smartphone cleared the FCC. Codenamed the P102 or ‘Roadrunner’, this new device is expected to be an update to the Palm Pre with refined styling and some improvements under the hood as well. Thanks to SFR, we now know a little more about this device. Here is a quick jot over the  known specs:

  • 1 GHz processor
  • 512 MB of RAM
  • WebOS 2.0
  • Improved, faster user interface
  • Push technology for everything
  • Improved battery life

The 1 GHz processor rumor looks like it is true and WebOS 2.0 is looking like it might hit our smartphones pretty soon. What about HP claiming no new Palm devices until next year? Maybe they just were referring to new devices, as this is a bit of a refresh model. The PalmPad is also going to be launching next year, and with the rumored Palm ‘Mansion’ touchscreen only model in the works as well, Palm/HP look to be kicking things into high gear.

So when does this Palm Pre 2 go on sale? Pretty soon I would expect. Reports of European phone carriers slashing prices and getting rid of the current Palm smartphone inventories hints that this new phone might show up by the end of the year. The confidentiality agreement between HP and the FCC expires in March 2011, but this thing looks like it’ll be ready to go long before then. Let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The big question now is whether or not the Palm brand has fallen too far for a speedy recovery. Remember back when Palm was synonymous with smartphones? Remember their wonderful PDAs? Palm fell far behind the rest of the smartphone pack and was bought by HP to avoid bankruptcy. Now with HP in control, things look like they are returning to some level of normalcy.

I am excited to see WebOS 2.0 in action and the inclusion of push technology for everything underscores how Palm wants to make the smartphone less a phone and more an extension of the internet. The coming Palm Pre 2 won’t be enough to reverse its dismal smartphone marketshare, but it’ll put Palm back in the minds of consumers looking for a new phone. Now that Palm ‘Mansion’…

Are you more interested in a new Palm smartphone or WebOS 2.0? Let me know if you’ll be snagging one of these when they hit the shelves.

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