What Is the Palm ‘Mansion’?


Palm might be releasing a completely new device in the near future. Called the Palm ‘Mansion’, this smartphone is a clear departure from the Palm Pixi and Pre because it will supposedly rely complety on its 800 x 480 screen and lack a physical keyboard. The news comes from PreCentral and a “very reliable tipster.” While we will have to wait for something more official to confirm whether or not the Mansion is real, it certainly is an interesting idea. Please note that the Mansion may or may not be the P102 model. We just don’t know yet.

After being acquired by HP, Palm has been hard at work on its webOS 2.0 and the PalmPad—a tablet device meant to compete against the iPad, Tab and the rest. The PalmPad won’t have a physical keyboard either, so perhaps Palm is working with the same basic idea that Apple uses. Just scale up or down when in doubt. I’m still wondering if the 7” iPad rumors are true.

As a longtime Palm user in the distant past, I have always looked forward to the day when Palm would rise again. Will the Mansion be the smartphone to do it? Hopefully, the decision to move away from a physical keyboard will be a good one. Android OS smartphones have decent virtual keyboards, but nothing quite up to par with what Apple produces. Can Palm make one that people really want to use? Let’s hope.

Nothing is known about the specs of this Palm Mansion except for the screen resolution and lack of a physical keyboard, so keep checking back for more information. Someone else has to leak something eventually right? Hopefully, Palm can use its new found financial security from being owned by HP to take some bold chances. The Pre and Pixi were nice, but not exactly game changers. Could this new smartphone be exactly the Palm everyone has been waiting for?

Let me know if you think the screen resolution is high enough for a flagship touchscreen only smartphone right now, if you are interested in getting one, and if you’ll be willing to buy a Palm without a keyboard.

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