Palms webOS 2.0 Screenshots emerge, makes everyone smile

If you haven’t heard Palm has been bought up by the folks at HP. For some astronomical amount of chump change, the future for Palm was unclear even before the buyout. However recent leaks of webOS’s future have brought a smile to any Palm users face. Or even dedicated Palm users that jumped ship recently in favor of a more up-to-date Android or iOS device (I know you’re out there).  If the new webOS 2.0 looks anything likes these screen shots, there should be no reason to cower any longer.

Palm has been slowly releasing updates to the likes of their Pre and Pixi series, with the launch of these updates recently the world caught wind of webOS 2.0 and the anticipation has grown from there. If you like mobile technology you probably have a softspot in your heart for Palm, so seeing them make updates like this will do nothing but put a smile on your face. Recently posted on Engadget the pictures found within this article, are that of what the new webOS could look like. The pictures reportedly come out of a Chinese based website (get your Google translate on). Wibozi has posted some 24 screen shots of the new webOS and it surely looks good. Most notably we can see direct access to the likes of Google Documents, Mobile Me (huh? That’s an Apple application that serves really no purpose other than on an iOS device) Dropbox and a slew of other features that are sure to make an impression on smartphone shoppers as well as dedicated Palm users, -those of you that are left. Now all we need to see is some new hardware.

Take a look at the pics below and tell me, do the new images of webOS intrigue you? Are you curious to see why Mobile Me is on a Palm device – I have my theories but I will hold off on that for now -, sound off and let us know what you make of the new webOS screens shots.




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