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Alcatel and T-Mobile Team Up for the Sparq II

It’s not every day we see a new sliding QWERTY phone hit the scene and while the slider phone still serve their purpose, touch screen keyboards just keep improving and pushing the physical buttons to extinction. The Alcatel Sparq II however is set and seemingly ready to take on a new role at T-Mobile. With ...

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Pricing and Availability for the new Blackberry Z10

So Blackberry has official made a new stake in a market place they were slowly losing. The company that practically invented the smart phone has recently, reinvented itself to catch up with the curve. While only time will tell if end users will migrate back the originator, the new Z10 and Q10 handsets are truly ...

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BlackBerry’s Biggest Competitor Isn’t Apple, It’s Android

Research In Motion (RIM) has a lot of reasons to worry. Apple’s iPhone has taken an increasingly large chunk of its market share over the past couple of years. However, RIM has a lot more to worry about than just Apple. Smartphones running Google’s Android OS have just surpassed RIM’s BlackBerry now in total market ...

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