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Pricing and Availability for the new Blackberry Z10

So Blackberry has official made a new stake in a market place they were slowly losing. The company that practically invented the smart phone has recently, reinvented itself to catch up with the curve. While only time will tell if end users will migrate back the originator, the new Z10 and Q10 handsets are truly ...

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Another Blackberry 10 Flagship Keeps the Keys: Meet the Q10

In case you have haven’t heard Blackberry is back. The company is hard at work right now announcing their awesome ne QNX based Blackberry 10 software as well as showing off some of the new handhelds that run it! Blackberry’s CEO announced the Q10 today and it really hits a soft spot for dedicated Blackberry ...

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BlackBerry’s Biggest Competitor Isn’t Apple, It’s Android

Research In Motion (RIM) has a lot of reasons to worry. Apple’s iPhone has taken an increasingly large chunk of its market share over the past couple of years. However, RIM has a lot more to worry about than just Apple. Smartphones running Google’s Android OS have just surpassed RIM’s BlackBerry now in total market ...

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