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Samsung Galaxy Pro S Spec rumors

The Samsung Galaxy S Pro has been around the rumor mill for quite some time and it seems that the guys over at Android Central have added some more flavor to those rumors. The Samsung Galaxy S has been pictured in the past with the Sprint branding and the many rumors of specs and details ...

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Verizon announces the Kyocera Hydro Elite


  The Kyocera Hydro Elite launches with Verizon! It seems that every day there is a new waterproof, shock proof or otherwise all around rugged smart phone to hit the market. A small niche that built its roots in smaller, traditionally non smart phones like the Rugby’s and original G’zOne’s has taken to the mainstream with ...

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Virgin Mobile Launches the Waterproof ZTE Reef


  The water proof ZTE Reef washes to the shores of Virgin Mobile. As our love for mobile gadgets grows we begin to find ourselves with nicer and nicer hardware that is very fragile. While no one is quite sure where it all started, smart phone manufacturers are doing what they can to help us keep ...

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Samsung’s Note III Rumored to Be offered In Three Variations


The Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumored to be offered in three different extra large sizes! Early this year, not to long after the launch of the Note II, rumors and speculation of what the Note III would offer began hitting the wall! From flexible screens to finger print biometric scanners the rumor surrounding the ...

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Official specs for Sprints Epic 4G

Samsung in an attempt to claim their stake on the smartphone industry has recently dumped a whole line of Galaxy S phones into the American market. Four different models were announced and three of the four have been released to the respective carriers. However, one still remains to be fully exposed, and it looks like ...

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T-Mobile launches Samsung Vibrant

If the launch of the Motorola Droid was not enough excitement for one to handle in a day, go take your heart medication because T-mobile is dropping bombs as well in the form of their Samsung Galaxy Vibrant. So just as a friendly reminder, we wanted to refresh your memory on this new little toy that ...

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