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Motorola’s 10-inch Android 3.0 Tablet Has Tegra 2 Processor

Leaked image of Motorola's coming 10-inch tablet running Android Gingerbread

Motorola badly wants in on the Android tablet game and its first shot at the form factor has been confirmed to pack a dual-core processor from NIVIDA. This can be none other than the Tegra 2 chipset that will also power at least two of Motorola’s smart phones next year. A couple of screen shots ...

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BlackBerry Smart Phone Rumors for 2011: Dual-Core Processors, QNX OS and 3D Displays

Research In Motion's headquarters

RIM’s BlackBerry line of smart phones could be looking at a complete makeover next year. Think dual-core processors, QNX’s new tablet OS making the transition to RIM’s phones and possibly even glasses free 3D displays. Excited? I am. Dual-core BlackBerry smartphones: Like with desktop and laptop PCs, multi-core processors are the inevitable next step in smart phone ...

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Motorola Olympus Has an LTE-Enabled Sister for Verizon Called ‘Etna’

Motorola is building two smartphones for release in early 2011 that will be powered by NIVIDA Tegra 2 processors—the Motorola ‘Olympus’ and the Motorola ‘Etna’. While these are still just internal codenames for the devices, we do know that the Olympus will launch in January (according to BGR’s sources) on AT&T’s network while the Etna ...

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Pictures of Motorola ‘Olympus’ Powered by NVIDA Tegra 2 Processor Emerge

A tipster sent in a picture to Gizmodo of what they claim is just one of two ‘Olympus’ smartphones Motorola is making. They both will supposedly run on Tegra 2 processors from NVIDA. While a supposed screenshot from the Motorola Olympus MB860 showing its model number and claiming it runs Android 3.0 has turned up, ...

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App Developers for iOS Might Know Who You Really Are

  Apple's iOS has a mighty big privacy concern if you are one of the most who use apps on the platform. According to Eric Smith—an assistant director at Bucknell University in the Information Security and Networking department—of the top 57 apps on the iTunes App Store, 68% send UDID information back to a third party. ...

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Watch the Tour de France 2010 on Your iPhone

The FIFA World Cup is not the only major sporting event that has come streaming to mobile devices. The 2010 Tour de France is also now underway and Lance Armstrong is claiming that it will be his last one. The good news is that you can watch the entire race live from your Apple iOS ...

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