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The Motorola Atrix 2 and Motorola Droid RAZR or Spyder enter the Rumor Mill


Since the Google-rific buyout of Motorola Mobility a few months back we really haven’t heard much from the manufacturer. But the holidays are right around the corner, and that means we get some new juicy Motorola hardware! Two new Motorola handsets have surfaced to the top of the internet rumor mill. While details on the ...

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Verizon Launches Motorola Droid Mini and Droid Ultra in White, Droid Maxx Left in the Dark


  Motorola launches the Droid Ultra and Droid Mini in white! Way back in July of this year, Motorola announced a few new Droid’s for the masses. The company announced the Droid Mini, Droid Ultra and Droid Max. The latest’s Droids are indeed the best Droids; however they come in rather bland, black coloring. While most ...

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The Motorola Droid’s Are Back!


Motorola announces the Verizon bound Droid Ultra, Mini and Maxx! Motorola has been very quiet lately as the company has undergone some restructuring under helm of their new ownership. Motorola who at one point was producing multiple handsets every year has not produced a notable smart phone in quite some time. Rumors surrounding the Google ...

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The Motorola Droid Ultra and Ultra Maxx Get One Step Closer to Launch


The Motorola Droid Ultra and Droid Ultra Maxx gets show off for the masses. Way back in August of 2011 Google dropped nearly thirteen billion dollars in acquiring Motorola for their own, hardware manufacturing pleasure!  The deal was initially looked upon by those of us paying attention, with an open jaw and a vast imagination ...

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A New Motorola Android Handset Leaks Into the Wild


It’s not the Motorola X Phone! In case you have been living under a rock lately, Google has bought up the mobile division of Motorola. With such a purchase as you could imagine, the speculation as to what the dynamic duo will produce is through the roof. The latest in rumor says Motorola is working ...

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Intel and Acer Team Up Create the Liquid C1 Heads To Southeast Asia

When Intel and Android get together, the outcome can only be awesome right? Currently there are nine smart phones that are running with Intel inside. Most recently Motorola and Intel teamed up to produce two variations of the RAZR i but Intel’s plans on moving into the mobile space did not stop there. Just a ...

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Motorola Atrix HD Developer Edition Announced

  Since the dawn of mobile computing, and really just computing in general end users have been tinkering with and changing the performance, look and feel of devices by customizing them from the inside out!  In recent memory this has become more of an issue as carriers and smart phone manufacturers stake more of a claim ...

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At&t Announces the Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro

The Samsung Rugby line of devices has come a long way. The line of devices is slowly becoming similar to the success story of the RAZR line from Motorola. Sure, it’s not quite as popular and maybe a bit less known, but Samsung is taking the Rugby to the boundaries of solid, durable phones. Early ...

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The Motorola Droid M Gets Real and Affordable

The Motorola RAZR line up of phones is synonymous with the word cell phone. The original RAZR took the market by storm when its super slim flipper style build was made readily available to the masses. Shortly after the success of the original RAZR, a whole family of RAZR devices began sprouting up. After a ...

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The Award Winning Acer CloudMobile Goes Up for Pre-Order

At some point in your life you more than likely have come across a piece of Acer made hardware. Whether it’s a simple monitor for your PC or a laptop Acer is a well know Components Company across the globe. While their presence in the mobile world is still a bit lacking when compared to ...

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The Motorola Atrix HD Almost becomes Official…Almost

Do you remember the Motorola Atrix? It was that crazy bar styled device with the biometric fingerprint scanner and webtop functionality that broke into the market place a while back. The first Atrix made its debut at CES in 2011 and the hype surrounding the device, quickly rose to epic heights and then subsequently fell ...

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The Droid Incredible 4G LTE Is One Step Closer to your Pocket

Now that we are in the waiting period for the likes of HTC’s One series devices to hit the market new leaks of some excellent HTC hardware are starting to turn up. Recently we got a glimpse at some new mid range variations of the legendary HTC Desire make their leaky way to China. This ...

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The HTC One X Evolves Into the HTC EVO One?

  The HTC EVO 4G was a revolutionary phone it came to and stayed exclusively a Sprint phone and more importantly allowed Sprint to claim 4G gold. While the Now Network’s 4G WiMax technologies did not withstand the power of what LTE offers it was fun while it lasted. New details have pointed to the company ...

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The New Age of Super Sized Phones Confirmed with the Motorola Fighter?

Monster phones have recently taken on a more literal definition. It used to be if your phones internals were full with the maxed out specs of the season…you were using a ‘monster’ smart phone. Recently a more literally interpretation has taken the field by storm with some rather large devices. Last week Strategy Analytics published ...

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The Droid 4 Priced and Ready for February 10th

Motorola has recently launched their next generation smart phones with the Droid RAZR and RAZR Maxx, the lingering variant the Droid 4 is still waiting in the wings. The Droid 4 as immanent as it is was getting all types of leaky in few weeks leading up to CES and viola, the Droid 4 was ...