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The Motorola RAZR HD and RAZR HD MAXX Confirmed for Big Red

In the past few months Motorola has taken back a huge section of the market place with the reincarnation of the Motorola RAZR handsets. The iconic RAZR devices started their reign back in 2004 and after a slew of different variations the device has made its way to the Android section of the space. With ...

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Apple’s iPhone 4S brings new light to an old design

   Today Apple has announced their highly anticipated iPhone 4S, unfortunately no iPhone 5 was announced. The speculation and rumors have been lingering around for quite some time and it seems that anyone interested in the newly remolded iPhone 5 will have to wait a bit longer. The announcement came out of Apple’s headquarters today in Cupertino ...

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Apple’s iPad 2 to change everything….again

  Apple is  is known for taking risks on innovation. Successful examples of this include their iconic iPod the revolutionary iPhone and the granddaddy of them all the iPad and of course many others. The iPad was being built before the iPhone and its central idea was molded into a phone before the iPad was known ...

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RIM: India Will Not Have Access to BES

Image of a BlackBerry smart phone with India

A story in the Economic Times prompted BlackBerry maker Research In Motion to respond because of “inaccurate and misleading information.” The story said that RIM had offed India a solution to its demands for access to encrypted information sent between BlackBerry smartphones. This solution—a “network data analysis system”—has the ability to decode all data on ...

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BlackBerry Losing out to iOS at Businesses Because of Screen Size?

Business intelligence—basically business executive reports—on smart phones never really took off in the pre-iPhone era because of screen size limitations. At least that is what Sanju Bansal, the chief operating officer at Microstrategy says. In a recent article from Forbes, his view of what is driving corporate growth of custom apps for its employees is ...

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Android Going Dual-Core with new Snapdragon Processor

Qualcomm has revealed the next generation of its popular ‘Snapdragon’ processor for mobile devices and is indeed dual-core. The company makes the processors found inside numerous smartphones and even the cellular radios inside some of them. Because of the Snapdragon processor’s popularity in Android devices (even some WP7 smartphones as well), the switch to dual-core ...

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What is the EVO Shift 4G from HTC?

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has just filed for trademarks for “HTC EVO Shift 4G” and “HTC EVO 4G Shift” in the US. As you are probably aware, HTC makes the EVO 4G smartphone for Sprint. However, the company also makes the HTC Shift (an ultra portable that dual-boots Windows and HTC’s SnapVUE PDA OS) so this might mean HTC wants to merge the two into some type of hybrid device. We can certainly hope so can’t we?

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Google TV: Sony versus Logitech

 Google TV has arrived and there are currently two companies who are making products that support it: Sony and Logitech. Both companies are tech experts and have a wide range of successful consumer electronics under their belts. If you are looking to get your hands on some Google TV fun, you’ll have to choose one ...

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Apple Gets Lawsuit Happy: The Target? iOS Accessories

Apple likes to file lawsuits. To be fair, lawsuits are the bread and butter of any high tech company that lives on its patents. However, its lawsuit against Sanho Corporation might irk some Apple customers and will test the limits of patent law. Sanho makes the HyperMac external batteries that many Macintosh users use on the ...

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HP’s Slate gets it’s 4 minutes of unofficial fame

 Presumably the next tablet to step into the ring with the iPad is the Samsung Galaxy Tab and we shall see how that goes. But what about other manufacturers that have been promising tablet goodness? Well folks with the holidays right around the corner and the New Year lurking as well, leaks like this are ...

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Apple, RIM, and Kodak: Welcome to the WW3 of Patent Lawsuits

Kodak is suing Apple and Research In Motion (RIM) over alleged patent violations found in their smartphones. What patents? Kodak claims it invented the digital camera and that it deserves royalties on its patent for the “preview feature” that every digital camera uses now. Remember way, way back when digital cameras still had a real ...

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BlackBerry Maker Gets a Break in India

Research In Motion (RIM)--maker of the popular BlackBerry line of smartphones--has gotten a break from the Indian government. The break comes in the form of a two month extension to a looming BlackBerry ban nationwide in the second most populated country in the world. The reasons for the threatened BlackBerry ban are highly political but ...

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India Wants Real-Time Data from BlackBerrys

India is still mulling its August 31st BlackBerry ban and things have gotten more complicated. While Research In Motion (RIM) has tried to make a deal with India, apparently its offer isn’t good enough when it comes to encrypted email. RIM’s current proposal is to have India send it the mobile number of a device ...

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The BlackPad’s OS Might not be BlackBerry or Android

There have been rumors circulating for quite a while now that the coming BlackBerry ‘BlackPad’ Tablet would not be running BlackBerry OS 6. In fact, an allegedly real leaked document claimed that the BlackPad would be running Android OS. However, the most recent rumors claim that the maker of the BlackBerry line of smartphones--Research In ...

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Pending BlackBerry Bans Hurting Sales

  While us back in the States might not really care if India, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or others ban Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry smartphone, the looming prospects of BlackBerry bans are crippling sales of the units in those countries. That certainly is not good news for RIM, which is currently struggling to ...

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