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The HTC 603e Gets Ready for the Big Time

  More leaks out of HTC show an HTC 603e ready at the helm. HTC has been a hot topic in the past few weeks what with the M7, M4 and G2 patiently waiting for MWC or the companies event on the 19th. HTC has also been in the press lately for their low profitability margins ...

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HTC M4 and HTC G2 Leak Ahead of HTC Event and MWC

  Last week HTC was caught in the act of promoting and even using their anticipated M7 flagship smartphone. While the world gears up for the company’s announcement on the 19th, the success of 2012, and the excitement of moving forward allowed anyone who’s interested to get a sneak peak at a white M7 as well ...

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The HTC Status is the official Facebook Phone

Ahh’ the Facebook phone. Way back in 2010 a rumor started circulating that the Zuck and is Facebook Co were working on a mobile phone that would be dedicated to keeping your Facebook profile up to date and in tip top condition. The rumors suggested that this Facebook dedicated phone was so shrouded in mystery ...

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HTC’s Lexikon to be Verizon’s next Droid?

The HTC Lexikon was first exposed back in August in a list of three other on deck HTC devices. Amongst the spec exposed was the HTC Spark, the HTC Bee and the now pictured HTC Lexikon. The original information was leaked through a blog site named 911Sniper. More information surrounding the new device has come ...

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Sony Ericsson’s ‘Hallon’ MT15i Spotted in a Picture

Is that Android Gingerbread running on there or a custom UI?

Besides the PlayStation Phone it is working on, smartphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has a number of other Android powered devices in the works. Cue the MT15i (codenamed ‘Hallon’). While MT15i certainly won’t be its release name, Xperia something or other isn’t out of the question. What really makes these pictures interesting is that they were ...

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T-Mobile announces G2 makes things official

In the past weeks information has been leaking all over the place about the new HSPA+ device T-Mobile is offering up. Well, T-Mobile has officially patched those leaks as they have announced the HTC G2 via a good old fashioned press release. The G2 has gone by many names, in the months leading up to ...

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