Leaked BB OS 6 for BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 and Pearl 3G 9100/9105

BlackBerry owners have been waiting for the promised BlackBerry OS 6 update for their smartphones seemingly forever but the Promised Land is nearly here. The Bold 9700 had BB OS 6 leaked for it yesterday, and now the Curve 3G 9300 and Pearl 3G 9110 (and 9105) have gotten the new operating system leaked for them as well. You know what this means right? An official, carrier supported version of BB OS 6 for your smartphone is right around the corner!

The leaked operating system builds for the Curve 3G and Pearl 3G are both version If you really want to get started with BB OS 6 before these go official, do a quick search on Google. The internet is an invaluable place to find not just the files themselves, but also detailed instructions on how to actually update your BlackBerry to OS 6 unofficially.

BB OS 6 brings a slew of improvements over version 5, including the always mentioned Webkit-based browser (yes, it really is that big of a deal) and universal search.  Just the new browser is worth the update, but the Social Feeds integration features and much improved user interface (UI) actually make BlackBerry OS look kind of cool. No more early 2000s UI here—instead Research In Motion (RIM) did a complete makeover and got rid of so many menu options. This is graphical user interface after all, and no, the fancy new icons are not all RIM did.

A quick list of BlackBerry models BB OS 6 is available for as a leak right now:

  • Bold 9700
  • Bold 9650
  • Curve 3G 9330
  • Curve 3G 9300
  • Pearl 3G 9100/9105

Since these are probably the only BlackBerrys that will be receiving the BB OS 6 update, consider the list semi-official.

If you really want the new operating system on your BlackBerry right now and have a compatible device, Google search up the files. They are practically everywhere right now. Also be sure to bookmark a page detailing how to do an unofficial update. Make sure you read all the way through it before starting. As with all updates, make sure you backup your device first and keep in mind that these are all leaked, unofficial releases right now. That means RIM and your carrier are not going to help you if by some freak accident your BlackBerry becomes a brick.

Happy upgrading and let me know what you think! This calm you down until the official release come out?

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