Ordering with an iPad

The Australians appear to be more inclined into incorporating the iPad into their local businesses. A few days back, it was reported that one of their budget airlines Jetstar has the first in flight entertainment consisting of the Apple tablet. Now a local restaurant in Australia is taking a risk by using this expensive device to display their various dishes. The restaurant’s management hopes to stir interest in the local community with the use of the Apple tablet.

Besides a possible spill on the iPad, there is also the risk of one of the customers walking away with the interactive menu as a souvenir. Craig Simpson, general manager for the restaurant does not seem to mind stating, “It’s the cost of doing business.”

A specialized application was developed for the menu of the restaurant which allows diners to see what is available, inclusive of corresponding photographs and descriptions. Not only does it do away with the menu, waiters need not bring an actual pad and pen to take down orders. Customers can select which dishes to order as well as (in terms of ordering steaks) how well it should be cooked. Additional features in the future may include the iPad app suggesting wines which will fit well with the meal. It will also inform customers which dishes will not be available for the day or evening.

It is an interesting concept which allows customers to have fun with the iPad while ordering. According to Simpson, “Hotels used to be cutting-edge food and beverage. We are trying to bring the pizzazz back.” With more space to work on as compared to a traditional menu, customers become better informed of what the restaurant has to offer. One patron commented, “With a menu, you don’t really know what you’re getting. I would be far more inclined to order… if I knew what it looked like.”