An LCD Based Affordable Note III Set to Launch For Emerging Markets?



The Samsung Galaxy Note III set to be offered up in an ‘affordable’ option?! The rumors and leaks have been providing a steady stream of Note III details since, well since the Note II was announced. Everything from flexible touch screens to premium aluminum builds; the Note III has at one point been a dream phone to nearly anyone paying attention. Recently the Note III was rumored to be offered up in three different flavors. Hot on the heels of Samsung’s three different Galaxy Mega devices, the stretch seemed reasonable. Today however new details give a bit more credence to the “more than one” line of thinking. Anyone interested in an under spec’d Galaxy Note III?

So the rumor of the day not only sheds a bit of light on the various versions of the Note III but also point a finger at the inevitable Galaxy S5. The Note III was to be many different things to many different end users. Today’s bit of gossip surrounds the Note III in multiple variations. While these new rumors start with, UnwiredNews.Com properly advises this be taken with a larger than normal grain of salt. According to the new rumors the Note III will be released in two variations. The highest end flagship that has been leaking around town, and an alternate version that will replace the AMOLED display with a more affordable LCD and an 8 mega pixel camera that will stand in for the top tier 13 mega pixel sensor. Additionally the rumors speculate that some thirty percent of the first Note III’s will be that of the inexpensive variation. The ‘cheap’ Note III is said to be targeting emerging markets and is seen as mostly as an “experiment” for Samsung as releasing multiple variations of a flagship device is could work flawlessly, or end up internally cannibalizing the devices sales. In other Samsung news, the Galaxy S5 has reached the rumor mill and is once again said to be coming into this world built in a metal casing. This rumor however has been pegged to the last two Galaxy S devices as well as the Note II, but it never panned out. So only time will tell.

Anyone interested in the Galaxy Note III? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the potential the Note III provides. Also, before you go be sure to check out all the latest and greatest in Samsung Galaxy accessories here.

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