Nokia’s N8 saga continues with arrests and amazing pictures

So Nokia has a monster phone in the works it goes by the name of the Nokia N8. The N8 is the next best thing coming out of the somewhat down Nokia camp. Recently the Nokia N8 has been leaked, in a somewhat Giz reminiscent daytime drama episode. Back in April The Nokia N8 showed up on a the Russian based mobile site Mobile-Review. The site was able to snap some pictures of the N8 in action as well as being able to play around with the device.

Within the leaked information came very little details that still make this N8 somewhat interesting. The leaked N8 sports a 12 mega pixel camera, that same camera can record video in 720p and from what the people at Mobile-Review said its “pretty fast”. 

Two months later Nokia decided that they should take Mobile-Review on in a battle royal. Well maybe not a battle. Nokia released a statement saying they have requested the device back from the site and went on their own official blog starting a thread titled “One of our children is missing”. That posted was closed out by Nokia stating that they are not “the secret police” and would like to “maintain our culture of openness.” This seemingly did not make the Mobile-Review guys budge as they kept the phone. So Nokia being the open to culture company they are contacted the Russian police, a Nokia spokesperson was quoted saying “Several weeks back, we have formally requested the return of all unauthorized Nokia property from Mr. Murtazin and he declined to respond…As a result, we have contacted the Russian authorities to assist us in the return of all unauthorized Nokia property.”

For me personally i feel like Nokia is doing what everyone thought Apple did with the iPhone 4/Gizmodo episode. Why? Well because Nokia needs this kind of press and Apple well did not. Other reasons that lead me to believe this to be  marketing ploy is that this is two months later, call me crazy but if you lose one of your children, the way Nokia posted that topic wouldn’t you find it before two months have passed. Furthermore it’s not like it was hidden away, it was posted on this thing we call the internet, where the whole world including Nokia could see. I digress.

So on to the good news, take a look at these pictures that were posted by Nokia, they can be found on Nokia own blog. You can see exactly what a 12 mega pixel camera on a smart phone can do.

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