Nokia X7 Looks to Be Headed for AT&T

Back of the Nokia X7-00Nokia’s coming X7 smart phone has shown up again online but this time with visible AT&T branding stamped on the front.  The Nokia X7 will be part of Nokia’s Xseries, which is targeted towards music lovers. How will the X7 appeal to audiophiles out there? The four speakers—one on each corner—probably have something to do with it.

The Nokia X7 has been previously codenamed the X7-00 and has already shown up in video playing Need for Speed Shift. Besides the four speakers (presumably surround sound of some type will be a feature), most of the other specs for the X7 are in line with what found its way into the Nokia N8. However, unlike the gorgeous 12 megapixel camera in the N8, the X7 packs a mere 8 megapixel camera. That’s still a good 3 megapixels higher than what is quickly becoming the smart phone standard.

Xseries Nokia X7-00

As for the internals, right now the rumors are pointing towards a 4” AMOLED touchscreen at 640×360 pixels. Expect 245 MB of RAM inside along with 450 MB of internal storage. The 8 megapixel camera inside has dual LED flash, but as you can see in the pictures, there is no front-facing camera for video calling. With the large number of devices sporting front-facing cameras now, I’m surprised Nokia isn’t putting one in.

Now that we have seen AT&T’s branding on the front, we can assume that it will be the first carrier in the US to get the Nokia X7. While nothing has been confirmed yet, a 680 MHz ARM11 processor like in the N8 will probably show up inside. Like with the N8, Nokia has decided to stick with its Symbian^3 operating system. Sorry, no MeeGo yet from Nokia guys and girls.

The big question is how big is the market for quad-speaker smartphones? I like the idea but I doubt most people actually use their phone’s speakers to do any serious music listening. But hey, if Nokia wants to make this then it can go right ahead. Until the company decides to switch from its Symbian operating system, I just don’t see it being a major player in the US smart phone market.

The Nokia X7 have your interest? Could Nokia be onto something here with quad-speakers? Let me know in the comments.

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