Nokia X3: Touch and Type

Nokia is a staple in the mobile industry. The company in the past eon has claimed the top spot on phone sales worldwide and shows no signs of stopping with its new Touch and Type candy bar style phone the X3.

The Nokia X3 announced today is seemingly a very sturdy phone. Nokia is claiming the new X3 as a “unique combination of a touch screen and traditional 12 button phone keypad”. This is not necessarily revolutionary but Nokia seems to think the combination of a 12 button keypad and touch screen is exactly what you’re looking for. “The best of both worlds” is how it was described by Mark Loughran who is the managing director of Nokia UK. The X3 has an unofficial launch date of sometime before October. The X3 is 9.6mm thick and sports the standard specs of most smart-dumb phones of the day. You’re 3G, WLAN, media player and FM radio. Other standards include a 5MP camera (which seems high for such a low level phone), that also included a 4x digital zoom.  The Touch and Type X3 is seemingly a spawn of an older Nokia model the X3-00 which was launched back in 09. The X3 Touch and Type is said to run a potential user about 125 Euros, this based off of the listed price for the X3-00 from a few years ago. The X3 will launch in five different vibrant colors, the selection includes Black, White, Blue, Pink and seemingly a Hot Pink.  The X3’s touch screen is a simple 2.4 inch resistive display and will surely be a new go to entry level phone. Check out the very regal and calming Nokia video of the companies first Touch and Type device, below and then let us know what you think of the new offering from Nokia.

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