Nokia’s X1-00 is Very Affordable, Loud and Long Lasting

Nokia has been all over the mobile news lately as billions of dollars change hands with their new Windows Phone 7 deal. Nokia however continues right along issuing new models to customers in need all across the world. The newest dumb phone to come out of Nokia is the X1-00, which for the life of me I don’t know why they didn’t just name it the X100. The new X1-00 is a new music focused device that will have its hand at making the world deaf.

Tuesday Nokia introduced the X1-00 which will be made available in the second quarter of 2011. The X1-00 will be priced around a measly 50 bucks. But what do you get for fifty bucks, well a whole lot of bang –or just loudness. A music orientated mobile device is surely nothing new from Nokia with its XpressMusic offerings. The Nokia X1-00 has a rather large speaker built into the back of it where normally there would be a low res camera. This speaker is rated at 106 phon.  Funny enough phon is defined by Princeton as “a unit of subjective loudness” which essentially means the speaker is loud. Apparently the rating is so loud that it can potentially shake the windows in your house.  There is also a 3.5 mm headphone jack just in case you have sensitive neighbors or you’re on the move.  The X1-00 has a fairly large battery for a phone of its size, coming in at 1320 mAh which is said to last around 60 days in standby. You can expect to get around 38 hours of music and about 13 hours of talk time. Keep in mind that this is surely not your next smart phone purchase as the X1-00 has no internet browser and no camera. You can find a music player, a calendar, a clock, a calculator and a few pre-loaded games on its Series 30 operating system. So not a smart phone per say, however Nokia knows what’s up here, directing this device at ‘the next billion’ which is a market sector that Nokia is attempting to conquer. Think of the people in the world that have never used a mobile phone.

So there you have it folks a new low end device for the ‘Next Billion’ as Nokia calls them. If you know someone that hasn’t joined the mobile revolution show them the X1-00 and lets perpetuate this movement.

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