Nokia May Build WP7 Smart Phones

Windows Phone 7 logo with WP7 device screenshot

Could Nokia build a WP7 smart phone?

Nokia news is usually pretty uneventful (oh boy! another smart phone with Symbian that will flop in the U.S.) but according to distinguished smart phone blogger Eldar Murtazin over at Mobile Review, that might all be changing. He claims that Nokia and Microsoft are in negotiations over a partnership that would create potentially Nokia branded phones running Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 operating system. Wait, what!? Yes, you read that right. Nokia phones running WP7.

Now, this is all still very much unconfirmed. However, BGR points out that Murtazin does know a thing or two about smart phones and has “deep Nokia connections.” He thinks that a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft is essential for both companies to fight off the rise of Google’s Android OS. While Nokia has still remained strong in Europe, Android could change all of that. And why not? Symbian is a sinking ship and MeeGo is practically vaporware at this point.

Of course, even this might not save Nokia. As Murtazin says, “Unfortunately, the history of Nokia is starting to resemble a short but vivid history of the diving plane. With each minute the speed increases, and the pilots and cannot cope with the situation” [translated]. Ouch. He seems to have almost no faith left in Nokia’s leadership at this point.

While Nokia is usually rumored to be considering a switch to Google’s Android platform, a partnership with Microsoft would certainly be interesting. Microsoft knows that it needs more support from manufacturers. Dell’s Venue Pro—one of the sleekest looking WP7 devices out on the market—is being plagued by delays. WP7 is still unavailable on Verizon and Sprint’s networks on any device. On the other hand, Android’s popularity is exploding across all fronts. Even the iPhone is expected to come to at least one more carrier next year (Verizon).

Things just have never looked worse for Nokia than they do right now and as always, Microsoft is on the outside, looking in at the smart phone wars and wishing it had something that could help it move units. Could Nokia be that something?

We will have to wait to hear if Nokia and Microsoft can come to some type of agreement but keep your fingers crossed. Microsoft flopping yet another smart phone operating launch would permanently regulate it to joke status and Nokia can’t afford to keep losing market share at its current speed.

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