Nokia Shows off a little WP7 Skin with its Sea Ray


It was about 5 months ago when the news of Nokia taking on Microsoft’s new unproven (at the time) WP7 operating system broke. The only thing left to do after that announcement was to salivate over the potential. Nokia’s hardware is out of this world, while many of us here in the states don’t have too much experience with Nokia devices, the idea of its hardware using an operating system that was made by someone other than themselves made anyone interested  hungry for a plate of Nokia WP7. Since the anno0uncment of the WP7 OS running on Nokia devices the world has been itching to catch a glimpse of a new Nokia phone running the operating system. Yesterday those interested got their first glimpse of the Nokia Sea Ray.   

During an internal Nokia event employees got an exclusive look at Nokia’s WP7 future. During the video Nokia’s new CEO Stephen Elop, gave praise and thanks to all employees working on Meego and quickly turned the crowd’s attention to a new device. Elop, then asked all attendees to power down recording devices as what he was going to show was top secret and confidential, the exception to this request was “that guy” in the background recording the entire event. Whomever he was (most likely a Nokia employee) recorded this video, which shows off the very first WP7 device made by Nokia. Check out the video here.

The Sea Ray as you can tell looks to be very similar to the recently announced N9; however its main difference is between Meego and WP7 operating systems. The only noticeable difference before powering on the device is that the Sea Ray has an additional button along its side which is presumed to be a shutter button. LED placement on the back of the Sea Ray is also slightly different; however it illuminates the same 8 mega pixel Carl Zeiss camera. The Nokia Sea Ray was put on display running the Manog-fied edition of WP7. So it looks like we may see WP7 Nokia devices a lot sooner than later.

So what does all this mean? Well not much to be frank. The CEO of Nokia showing off its prototyped WP7 device simply means they are actually going to do it – as if a billion dollar deal was not enough to confirm that. So there you have Mr. Elop, your beloved Sea Ray made it to the Blogosphere, “wherever that is” and is lighting that fire. Take a look at the pictures and watch the video and let us know what you think of WP7 running on that legendary Nokia hardware. Any takers? Sound off in the comments; let us know what you think.

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