Nokia Says No to Android

Stephen Elop, the new CEO at cell phone giant Nokia, has decided against using Android in his company’s smartphones and will instead continue to focus on MeeGo. Meego is Nokia’s Linux-based smartphone operating system that is still under development and is probably Nokia’s last best chance to reverse the massive market share hit that Android and iOS have been responsible for. While Nokia’s smartphones are widely popular in Europe still, they’re widely considered non-contenders in the United States.

The only problem with MeeGo is that it is still not done. According to Jonathan Banner, a software developer based in London who has gotten some actual time with MeeGo, “I think they’ve got a strong chance… If they get MeeGo sorted out, it’s game on.” He did however note that MeeGo is “still early days.” With Android 2.3’s launch just around the corner and Android 3.0 coming out early next year, Nokia doesn’t really have much time to get MeeGo off the ground before its position slips past the point of no return.

Nokia’s decision to keep using its Symbian operating system in its mid-range smartphones is another hurdle the company has set up for itself. Honestly speaking, no one likes Symbian. It feels like a clunky user interface more deserving of being on a feature phone when compared to what Google and Apple have had out for years now with their Android and iOS smartphone operating systems.

The good news for MeeGo however is the software is design to also be capable of powering more than just phones. Tablets, televisions and cars are all part of Nokia’s plans for the OS. Now the company just needs to start selling a smartphone with the new operating system…

Microsoft’s jump back into the smartphone game can only hinder Nokia’s efforts. Windows Phone 7 (WP7) might have some quirks since it just came out, but the pretty unanimous agreement of the Internet is that WP7 is much better than Symbian. Between BlackBerry, WP7, Android and iOS, Nokia has a heck of a lot of work cut out for itself.

I have a feeling that Nokia feels like it is stuck with Symbian and MeeGo since it has invested billions of dollars in their development and development for its Ovi app store. Jumping ship to Android will turn Nokia into just another hardware manufacturer. Just making hardware is fine for Motorola, HTC and the rest, but Nokia is a proud company and thinks it can do better than Google with regards to mobile devices. The company certainly has the experience and now it just needs to show us what MeeGo can actually do.

Think Nokia should switch to Android or does MeeGo have a chance?

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