Nokia PureView 808 Up for Pre-Order while Lumia PureView Gets Leaky

Nokia has seemingly taken the bull by the horns! In recent mobile news Nokia and its ever fading Symbian operating system needed a wakeup call and it looks as if the WP7 alarm clock simply does not have a snooze button. Many moons ago Nokia and Microsoft reached an agreement that would put the Redmond based operating system all up in Nokia’s hardware. It has happened and is seemingly taking on a new life for both parties involved. Nokia first launched their Lumia 710 to T-Mobile, now in a more grandiose manner, the Lumia 900 has made its way to At&t. But do you happen to remember that technology changing 41 mega pixel monster phone that Nokia showed off this year at MWC? Well the Nokia Pure View is up for ordering and just around the bend!

The Nokia PureView 808 was surely the show stopper at this year’s conference and now it’s becoming a reality for some.  The PureView has been put on the market for pre-orders in Italy and devices are expected to be available in May. Price wise, you’ll be looking to drop around €599 for all you importers that will cost you around $785. This is of course unsubsidized and the devices full retail price. Pre Orders are now being accepted at and the pre order, trend is sure tp catch on as the May release date inches closer. So what should you expect other than a 41 mega pixel camera? Well, a 41 mega pixel camera! The Nokia PureView 808 is indeed centered around a huge 41 mega pixel image sensor and Carl Zeiss lens but it does have a bit more to offer. The PureView sports a 4 inch nHD ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen that provides a 640×360 pixel resolution. Internally the Nokia PureView 808 will get its go from a combination of a 1.3 GHz single core ARM 11 processor, 512 MB of RAM 1024 MB of ROM and 16 GB of internal storage. Expandable microSD capabilities run up to 32 GB, all this held together and made easy by the power of Symbian operating system. Oh and lest not forget that 41 mega pixel camera shall we!

Now if you’re sitting back wondering when this kind of mega pixel power will come to the states, there is a bit of leaky information that may pique your interest. A Chinese mobile blog has released some slides that expose some prototype renderings of what a Lumia PureView may look like. If there is any chance that this tech will make it stateside, the possibilities most likely lay in the Lumia name. Judging by the pictures this is most likely far from production model however the new leak exposes some potential specs. According to the small states stage right the Lumia PureView is set to sport a 4.3 inch curved HD display, Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS, a dual core CPU and an Adreno 320 GPU. Earlier this month a Nokia spokes person, stated the PureView technologies are indeed on their way to the WP7 platform stating, “Since Nokia is committed to Windows Phone as its primary smart phone platform, that includes plans to bring PureView to Lumia over time…”. So it is surely just a matter of time, but we are pretty sure you can’t hold your breath until then, so don’t try ok?

So what do you think? Sound off in the comments and let us know what you think. Any Eurpoeans putting in their pre order? Anyone here stateside importing, or will you wait for the Lumia branded versions? Sound off in the comment below and let us know what you think and before you go be sure to check out our huge selection of Nokia accessories.


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