Nokia’s N9 leaked into the wild


“On our own we might be fools and dreamers, but together with technology were really something special….is there anything we can’t do.” Pure inspiration if I have ever heard it. Well guys that quote comes from a small Nokia commercial that made its rounds back in June, the device in the video? Well Nokia’s N9 obviously.

The Nokia N9 officially leaked with this video back in mid June. As of today however some more pictures of the impressive looking device have surfaced to the top of the internet. Originally the video leak put Nokia’s MeeGo operating system on this N9  and currently it is unclear as to if MeeGo will be a go or Nokia will chose to run their “flagship only” operating system Symbian. Nokia’s new N9 shows to be a slider model with a tilted touch screen, when slide open the N9 shows off a nice looking full QWERTY keypad. The pictures leaked here, were first spotted on a Chinese based forum and the hype spread like wild fire. According to Engadet the source of the leak has confirmed that what we see here is not the final “retail” version of the device, however, is slated for release sometime during December. The leak is showing that the prototyped device was manufactured in Finland and is made almost entirely out of metal, with only a select few components being plastic. With the clear N9 branding toward the left of the QWERTY it is clearly obvious that this is indeed an unreleased N9, further confirming this with an update to their original report one of Engadget’s “moles” confirms the unit is indeed a Nokia prototype   via the leaked devices model number.

So what do you think of the Nokia N9 at this point? I know there is not much except pictures to go on, but keep in mind also that this is still prototyped as well and the final form factor could be different (but not by much I imagine).

** Update: Information from Engadget is stamping this N9 prototype as running Nokia’s MeeGo.

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