The Power of Nokia’s new N8 sets world record

Nokia is in the midsts of launching their delayed N8. The N8 was announced awhile back and was set to implode on the world in a short period of time after the official launch. This has yet to happen, however, Nokia has not hesitated showing off the power of the device. The N8 sports the Symbian ^3 flavor OS and boasts some pretty impressive specs, along with a sleek and sexy frame. But how can it go about breaking world records? Take a look at that pic and we shall explain.

The Nokia N8 is a high powered smartphone that is making its way into the scene with some cool features. Recently the N8 was used to capture the world smallest stop-motion video, which is pretty entertaining outside of cool as hell. However Nokia did not stop there when showing off the N8’s amazing capabilities. Recently Nokia showed the Disney movie The Prince of Persia to around 1500 Swedes, while the picture surely does not depict 1500 people, the video below may give you a better idea.

The screen was hoisted up by two large boom lifts and measured in at 51m x 28m, the previous world record in regard to really large movie screens was 73.1m x18.3 m, and was shown at Pinewood Studios in Great Britain. The movie was shown through the Nokia N8’s mini HDMI port and sent to four XLM HD30 projectors which displayed the movie on the amazingly large screen.  

Impressive feat Nokia, bravo. Does this impressive act of marketing make you want this N8 even more? Let us know what you think of Nokia’s latest endeavor to show off their N8.

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