Pre – Order door now open for Nokias N8 coming in September

The N8 is the next best thing coming out of Nokia’s camp and if you simply cannot wait for its launch, you can get your pre-order one now. So if you want to get your hands on one of the last Symbian 8 devices, you should check out the N8 now.

A few months back Nokia made a statement basically saying that they would be scaling back their Symbian operating system on all there devices. This is not to say Symbian will be missed, as Nokia will be using there MeeGo platform for their standard issued devices, leaving Symbian for their flagship or higher priced devices. So after a slew of leaked photos and rumors surrounding the device the Nokia N8 comes stateside. Well stateside in September. Go check out Nokias website as the device is up for pre order now, for $549.00. A quick click to “whats in the box” shows that Nokia is calling the N8 a “mobile computer”. This coupled with the phones brief intro description “Film, edit and perfect your high- definition masterpieces. Add music, images, text and transitions – all from the phone” tell me that this Nokia N8 will indeed be impressive. Some brief specs about the N8 on Nokias site state, “Record video in full HD and edit instantly, Plug into the TV to play back with HDMI cable included, Capture every moment with the 12 MP Carl Zeiss optics camera, three customizable home screens to make your own, FREE turn by turn navigation from Ovi Maps, 16GB of internal memory. Also what they don’t mention for some odd reason is that the N8 comes equipped with a 12 mega pixel camera.

So at about 550 bucks does the N8 sound impressive enough for you to pre-order it? It’s probably a better idea to wait for the reviews on this camera phone!

One of the best camera phones to date, you down?

Check out some of the drama that surrounded the N8 and some of its beautiful 12 MP pictures from a previous post here.

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