Nokia: “In short products that are more competitive”

Today the long awaited shift in Nokia outlook on life has finally taken place. A few days ago, Stephen Elop the new CEO in charge over at Nokia sent a very intense memo to his minions. This letter went on to explain very bluntly that Nokia is on a downward spiral citing Androids operating system being two years old and already toppling Nokia’s lead in “smart phone volume” labeling this as simply “Unbelievable.” This internal memo went on to state that Nokia is “standing on a burning platform” and must “change our behavior”. As most of the industry could see this it seems that the Nokia team could not. In an attempt to save Nokia Elop goes on to state that the adoption of an operating system such as Android or Windows Phone 7 was needed. Today Nokia and Microsoft teamed up to save…well each other in the mobile sector.

Today Nokia’s CEO Stephen Elop shared a stage with Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer to announce a partnership. In short Nokia will be using Microsoft’s new Windows Phone platform for their hardware. “Symbian is proving to be an increasingly difficult environment in which to develop to meet the continuously expanding consumer requirements” as described by Elop in his memo is presumably going to be officially killed off. There are still a few devices that will be shipping with the operating system however; Symbian is surely seeing its last days. Meego which was to be the heavenly savior for Nokia will be put on the shelf for now and turned into a “learning” tool for the company. However, I personally feel that we could potentially see Meego appear on lower level devices in the future.

 The new partnership between Nokia and Microsoft surely opens a huge door for both companies. It is pretty clear that Nokia and WP7 are struggling in the mobile arena and this may just be the change they both need to compete. But WP7 can potentially help propel them back into the lead in smart phones sold. Microsoft is surely elated by this new venture as Nokias foot print on hardware sold is huge. Nokia helping WP7 expand is exactly what the doctor ordered.

I for one am truly excited to see the results of this partnership. A brand new OS on legendary hardware sounds like a bunch of good to me. Only time will tell. One thing is for certain, this new partnership will surely make both Nokia and Microsoft’s WP7 more competitive. Let us know what you make of the new agreement between these two giants. Are you interested in a Nokia WP7 device? I sure am.

Oh check out this video of the announcment…by the way does it bother anyone elese the way Ballmer says Nokia?

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