Nokia and Microsoft Collaboration

Microsoft has been well known as the software used for the Blackberry. Their collaboration has made the Blackberry the trusted smartphone for entrepreneurs and businessmen. The software is currently drawing the attention of one of the Blackberry’s competitions, Nokia. Recently, Nokia and Microsoft have released a statement indicating that the Microsoft Mobile Communicator will be used for future models of Nokia smartphones. According the Microsoft’s General Manager Kirt Debique, “Our alliance with Nokia aims to bring the Office productivity experience to the millions of people using Nokia smartphones around the world.” This collaboration between the two companies is aimed to compete with Research in Motion’s Blackberry device and features.

The software allows instant messaging that has made the Blackberry the unit of choice for businessmen. It lets users send messages to each other through text, email or instant messaging as well as modifying their status and visibility to other users as needed.

Speaking with both companies, they have indicated that the software is now being made available for their E72 and E52 Nokia smartphone models with the promise that updates for their other smartphones be released soon after. Representatives from Microsoft have also indicated that the MS Office Productivity Suite will also be made for the mobile user community and will be released sometime in the near future. The collaboration between the two companies has started since August of last year to supply for the Nokia smartphone community’s need to use programs under Microsoft Office.

Downloading the Mobile Communicator enterprise edition programs is now made possible through the Ovi Store of Nokia. Only time can tell whether this collaboration between the two giant companies can improve Nokia’s future smartphones much better and replace the Blackberry as a staple in the business field or whether there will be wide support available to embrace this change.