Nokia and Microsoft Get a Bit Closer as Talks of a Billion Dollar Buyout Circulate

Recently Nokia revamped their outlook on their mobile future by essentially scrapping their mobile operating system and making a huge deal with Microsoft to use their Windows Phone 7 system moving forward. While there was much controversy over the whole deal, it sounded like an excellent idea for both parties. WP7 is a very intuitive OS that simply needs the right hardware and national recognition to back it up. While that has happened, the world is still waiting on the first Nokia WP7 device however; a turn in this drama might change the mobile landscape as we know it.

Stephen Elop the current CEO of Nokia was a former executive at Microsoft, shortly after his introduction to Nokia, he penned the huge WP7 deal with his former employees Microsoft. Most assumed Elop to be an MS Trojan of sorts, working his way into Nokia then eventually allowing Microsoft to downright buy Nokia. It seems as if these assumptions may be proving to be true. Eldar Murtazin is known as an “industry insider” and has called other Nokia leaks in the past, has claimed that Microsoft will be buying Nokia for 19 billion dollars. This rumor was started before Murtazin’s tweet however a price tag from the insider has the internet a buzz. A Nokia spokesperson has gone on record telling Reuters “These rumors are 100 percent baseless”. While Nokia’s prices slip, it seems like a pretty good idea to anyone interested or following the story, this deal could easily put Microsoft in a position to directly compete against Apple in the mobile sector. Sounds like a great idea, but will it happen or is this just smoke and mirrors?

Combing Nokia hardware and Microsoft’s new WP7 operating system is a match made in heaven for anyone that is familiar with the quality of Nokia devices and the opportunity that is building with WP7. But a Microsoft buyout of Nokia gives me the tingles, seems this is the opportunity Microsoft has been looking for. Let us know what you think of the potential Microsoft – Nokia buyout/merger and if you’re interested in it. Will this help or hurt the industry? Is Elop a true Microsoft Trojan horse?

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