No Android for Nokia, but MeeGo is a Go for launch

Yesterday Nokia’s New Mobile-Solutions Chief Anssi Vanjok sat down with the wall street journal to discuss Nokia’s fraught mobile sector and where the company plans to be in the near future. Surprisingly enough the popular Android OS is not in their picture.

The MeeGo OS will be the future of Nokia’s mobile operating system and will help perpetuate Nokia back into the “premium mobile device market” Vanjok said. Recent news removes Nokia’s Symbian platform off of the companies’ popular N-Series line. Mr. Vanjok stating that the Symbian OS will be used to help Nokia compete against competitors like Apple and their ever popular iPhone. The mobile solutions chief then goes on to state that the MeeGo OS will be found on a large assortment of “computer-like devices”.  While staying dedicated to their MeeGo and Symbian operating system the company stated that they have no plans to release an Android operating smart phone as Vanjoki stated they “can create more value by building on its own hardware and software”. Nokia is planning on releasing their last Symbian running N-Series device the N8 by the third quarter and will be launching their first MeeGo device sometime before the end of the year.

Nokia steadily building upon their 40% share of the smart phone market, and they are doing it their way. Much respect, however only time will tell if their internal software can help them retain their position within the market. Mr. Vanjok also stated within the interview that they will be working harder to improve their visibility within the U.S. market. The US market is currently dominated by iPhones and Androids Mr. Vanjok.

Nokia your new Symbian OS should be amazing if you want to catch considerable part of the American market.

Do you use a Nokia phone?

If you do tell us what you think of Nokia’s new plans.

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