More Nokia Lumia PureView EOS Rumors Suggest a July Launch Date



Rumors of Nokia’s Eos 41 mega pixel Windows Phone emerge into the lime light, again! Not too long ago Nokia took to the market with an unprecedented smart phone. The Nokia 808 Pureview, while not the best smart phone in the business, was surely crowned the best camera phone for at least a hot minute! As Nokia ventured away from Symbian and into Windows Phone, the query of when the 808’s PureView technologies would make its way into a Lumia device was the only question to be answered and it seems that the answer we’ve all been looking for is coming into the light.

Back in April details surrounding the Verizon bound Lumia 928 aka Catwalk, began to surface alongside some juicy rumors surrounding the Nokia Windows Phone PureView project! Code named Nokia EOS, the initial rumors gave the handset a spring or fall launch. Today new details have emerged that expose the launch window, a few specs and even some insight to its build! Rumors of the Nokia EOS have surfaced again with two different sources singing the same tune! Is this coincidence or pure imaginative speculation? Either way, it is highly suggested you take the following information with a nice salty, grain of salt. According to the new information the Nokia EOS will be released sometime in the second week of July, but more specifically July 9th! So what can we expect from this new PureView Lumia? Firstly, the device is said to come with a 4.5 inch 768×1280 touch screen. The leaky details state that the new EOS is said to be constructed of polycarbonate plastic and have tapered ends that allow it to appear much thinner than it is while its thinnest point is said to be about as thick as a Lumia 920’s center. The EOS should come packing a 41 mega pixel camera sensore, but will only allow for a maximum of 34 mega pixel shots. The device will of course house the camera in a slight bulge on the back of the device and is said to have a lens cover that will open when the camera app is fired up. Additionally, the handset is expected to pack in an Xenon flash as well as a red light for focus assistance. The EOS will also come with a new camera application called the Nokia ProCamera which according to the details will have a DSLR feel. The camera can also, as expected record video in full 1080p HD at three different frame rates, as well as three different rates at 720p. So there you have it.

The Nokia EOS aka the Lumia PureView is expected to make its way to market by next month. Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the EOS. And remember that no matter which device you use we carry all the best in Nokia accessories here.

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