The Nokia Lumia Icon 929 Appears On Verizon’s Website Once Again


The Nokia Lumia Icon aka the Lumia 929 briefly shows its face and price on Verizon’s website before disappearing. The Nokia Lumia Icon has been lingering around the headlines just itching to launch for quite some time now. The Lumia 929 as it was original called has been leaking out since September of last year and today a brief glimpse of hope suggested its launch is just right around the corner. Last we heard from the 929 it was facing launch delays and was slated for a January 14th launch. Unfortunately that day has come and gone with no launch, however a premature posting of the devices price, spec’s and overall awesomeness published to Verizon’s website shows the Icon may be launching soon!

The Nokia Lumia Icon 929 has seen it all! The device is slated to be the next best thing in the world of Lumia’s and Windows Phone, but it just can’t seem to get off the ground. After months of endless rumors the device appeared published on an internal Verizon test website on January 8th. Shortly after it was viewed and reported the page disappeared leaving no hope for its originally rumored 14th launch date. Fast forward to today and the page appears to have been published again however this time it shows up on Verizon’s main website and of course disappears just as fast as it appeared. The new posting just as the last shows the device to be priced out at $777 bucks for both off contract and under a new 2 year agreement. Most anyone paying attention is under the safe assumption that this number is simply a place holder and is not representative of the actual price for the device when it finally becomes a reality. When it will become an available reality is the question. PocketNow.Com suggests Verizon is fond of Thursday launches and suggests a possible announcement on January 23rd. But at this point its anyone’s guess.

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