A Worthy Set of Nokia Lumia 920 Accessories

When Nokia teamed up with Microsoft and their re-launch of mobile, the possibilities gave the few that were interested something to believe in! A combination of Nokia’s legendary hardware, with Microsoft’s mobile OS surely enticed a bit of skepticism, but also made for candy coated dreams of greatness. The recently launched Nokia Lumia 920 is the second generation of the pairings flagship device and it seems that things just keep getting better. Unfortunately, for the most part the new Lumia’s don’t carry the Nokia standard for durability and could be compromised without the right Nokia Lumia 920 accessories by your side. Let’s take a glance at a few awesome accessory options for your new phone.

The Nokia Lumia 920 is a powerful phone with an amazingly intuitive operating system and awesomely built hard ware. It carries with it an internal, non-removable battery that clocks in at a 2000 mAh rating. While this generously sized battery should get you though most of your day, you may find yourself in a situation where getting a charge is paramount. We carry a wide range of Nokia Lumia car chargers, that will ensure you have the juice you need while on the road. Take this perfect Nokia Lumia 920 micro USB car charger with additional USB output for example. This simple but highly effect charger can easily connect to your car to give your Lumia a charge as well as any other USB powered device. Wall chargers are as timeless as electronics themselves, and with this perfect Nokia Lumia 920 AC-10U micro USB wall charger, you can surely charge your device whenever you need to. But what about those times you are far from your car, or a wall socket? We have a perfect remedy found in this Nokia Lumia 920 DC-11K External Power pack. This excellently small portable power pack is essentially a 950 mAh battery that can be charged before you head out and easily get your Lumia some juice no matter where you may find yourself.

So now that your Lumia 920 is fully charged and ready at the helm, you may want to consider some protection. The Lumia 920 is sports a solid build that is crafted polycarbonate plastic and can prove to be highly durable in most circumstance, but the wrong drop from your lap, or table and you may see your perfect piece of hardware end up a very expensive paper weight. With simple cases like these Nokia Lumia 920 Silicone Skins in black, white, blue and pink can easily help keep your Lumia in tip top working order without adding much bulk or added weight. They do however provide an awesomely thin and shock absorbent layer of protection as well as a bit of flair with your choice of color. If a simple skin is not your style, or your looking to keep your Lumia 920 a bit closer to the hip, we can also help. Check out this excellent Nokia Lumia UniPro Horizontal Pouch type case with belt clip for example. This excellent case and holster option is made of a premium bonded leather material and features a soft felt liner to keep all sides of your Lumia safe while holstered. Its physical belt clip is fixed, and while it does not rotate, nor ratchet it does indeed provide an amazing amount of pressure to whatever it is being clipped to. An additional ‘belt loop’ is also available and can easily find its way around your belt, or anything similar and snaps back into itself with a solid, durable button. With cases likes these and many more, you can rest assured we have all the Nokia Lumia 920 case options you’ll ever need.

Check out all the best in Nokia Lumia 920 accessories today and ensure your new smart phone investment is protected for the long haul.

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