Three Versions of the Nokia Lumia 830 on the Way?


The Nokia Lumia series continues on with three variations of the Lumia 830?  Lately news surrounding Microsoft and their host of Lumia devices has been a bit dry. Details surrounding a Lumia 730 selfie phone have been circulating the rumor mill and will likely be seen in full at IFA in Berlin. A new device however that brandishes the Lumia brand is making its way into the headlines. The Lumia 830 has made its way into the rumor mill radar and is expected to launch in not one, but three different variations.

The Lumia 810 was announced and launched back in 2012 and shortly thereafter the Lumia 820 made its way into the market. Both of these devices were mostly mid range handsets and we would expect about the same from the next generation 830; however it doesn’t seem to be the case. According to new information the 830 will be a bit improved upon and should launch in three different variations. This news comes out of TK Tech News and suggests the device will be offered up by T-Mobile, At&t and Verizon Wireless. The information states that the TMo and Ma’Bell variations will come with different cameras and the At&t version will not support wireless charging. These versions will also sport a 4.7 inch touch screen while previous rumors suggest a Verizon bound 830 will have a 4.5 inch screen. The Big Red variation is also expected to come with a 20.1 mega pixel camera. It is unknown if all variations will come with this super sized camera, however we will likely know more in a few weeks at Microsoft’s IFA event.

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