The Forth Coming Nokia Lumia 625 Smiles for the Camera


Nokia’s Lumia 625 smiles for the camera! Nokia is steadily pumping out awesome new handsets one after another. Hot on the heels of Nokia’s camera centric flagship the Lumia 1020 announcement new details of the other side of Nokia’s Lumia range have shown up on the front page. Back in early May a small amount of detail surrounding the Lumia 625 appeared alongside launch rumors for the Lumia 928. The Lumia 625 as you may be able to tell by its rank in number is a mid range handset that is to help further perpetuate the Windows Phone operating system across the globe. Luckily for the company the mid range devices are doing well for them. Recently the Lumia 520 was labeled as the best selling Lumia to date. Let’s take a gander at what is known about the 625 shall we?

The Nokia Lumia 625 is another device that is set to put Windows Phone in the hands of the masses and the world has just gotten its first glimpse at the device. The 625 was initially expected to be the successor to the Lumia 620 and new details all but confirm this. Thanks to Chinese government agencies similar to that of the FCC here stateside the Lumia 625 need approval before it can be sold. With that approval comes some previously unknown specifics. The information gives the Lumia 625 a 4.7 inch touch screen display. Which amazingly is the largest Lumia ever built. By comparison no Nokia Lumia flagships including the recently launches 1020 measure in at more than 4.5 inches. Oddly enough the 625 is not pegged as a Nokia flagship. At this point in the smart phone race, larger usually means flagship, but not in the case of the 625. The screen on the 625 is said to offer a WVGA quality resolution and as previously mentioned measure in at 4.7 inches from corner to corner. Internally the 625 should run with an unnamed dual core 1 Ghz processor with 512 MB of RAM and a 2000 mAh battery. Additional details give the handset a 5 mega pixel main camera, and a VGA quality secondary camera. LiveSide, a tech blog have also chimed in and claim a 625 variation has made its way through the FCC last month under the code name RM-941. The China bound variation could possibly launch by the end of this month and will most likely cost potential customers about 1,999 CNY which translates to about $326.

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