The Nokia Lumia 1520 Bandit Pictured Aside the Lumia 1020


Nokia’s 6 Inch Bandit to be known as the Lumia 1520? You know what they say about competition right? If you can’t beat them, join them! While this ideal may not be true in traditional competition, when the winner is the one with most dollars in their account by the end of the year, following your rival into a market segment is more than likely a good idea. This more so when that competition is Samsung and you are set to compete with the likes of the Note series smart phones! The Nokia Lumia handsets have been puttering along quite well recently with a new device for nearly every sector. Fresh off the rumor mill is a Nokia made Verizon bound tablet, and now, more details surrounding the company’s plans for a phablet.

Rumors surrounding the oversized Lumia phone have been circulating for a while now. Most recently however a code name, Bandit has been stuck to this new phablet while additional details on it build have also surfaced. A few days’ back, the Bandit was unofficially given a Lumia designation and expected to be known as the Lumia 1520, this at least according to EVleaks. Today we see the Lumia 1520 sitting pretty next to what can only be assumed as a Lumia 1020. Details surrounding the Bandit Lumia 1520 are as follows. The device will feature a 6 inch full HD 1920×1080 touch screen display which is noticeably larger than the 1020’s 4.5 inches seen in the picture above. Additionally specific’s give the new 1520 a 20 mega pixel rear facing camera that will more than likely take advantage of Nokia’s new found PureView technologies. Internally it is expected that the 1520 Bandit will come running Windows Phone 8 GDR3 and it will get its computational go from a quad-core Snapdragon processor. The body of the 1520 will be made of polycarbonate plastic and come equipped with 4G LTE radios. The Lumia Bandit 1520 is expected to see an announcement sometime during the second half of September and is estimated to cost around $299 under the terms of a new contract. Currently it is rumored At&t is already testing the device and aiming for a launch date sometime in November.

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