Nokia’s E6-00 gets leaked


In case you were not aware Nokia has recently agreed to start producing WP7 devices. Only problem is that we have to wait until about next year to see these amazing new Nokia Windows phones. In the mean time Nokia is still pushing out some Symbian devices that are doing nothing but making me want to see WP7 on Nokia’s legendary hardware.  Today we see some leaked details of a new Nokia device the E6-00. You may have thought the same thing I did when I saw the picture – E71, but no quite.

The new E6-00 is the newest Symbian device out of the Finnish smart phone mega maker. Detailed pictures and the worst blurry cam videos ever of the E6 were leaked on today. The pictures show a very nice looking phone with many useful features. Mr.Blurry cam who also goes by the name quick99 has leaked the info on this beauty. The E6-00 is a touch screen device that also sports a full QWERTY as well as navigation button and quick soft keys to home, calendar, email and contacts. Considering this is a touch screen that feels like a bit of over kill. But as always, options win! The touch screen is said to be a VGA display with a pixel resolution of 640 x 480. The E6-00 has an 8 mega pixel camera with a dual LED flash for those low light snaps. If the video’s uploaded (check below) to the interwebs are to be believed the camera on the E6-00 can also shoot video of life’s moments in 720p HD. With its candy bar design, full QWERTY, touch screen and all around high quality build this E6-00 is looking pretty nice- no matter how much of an E71 refresh it is.


While the Nokia line of mobile devices may be struggling to stay relevant it’s the quality of their hardware which enforces Nokia’s staying power. Hopefully this un-released E6-00 can do a bit better in the screen department if it is ever released into the wild. Tell us what you think of the leaked E6-00. Look nice to you? Touch screen and navigation buttons a bit much?

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