Nokia’s C7 revealed

Yesterday there was some Nokia information that was circulating the interwebs, the information was a simple Nokia “house” (shown below) showing the hierarchy of their existing models that are already available in the market. Now when scaling the house going to the roof or attic it was noticed there were three models that were unknown.  The three models include the pictured C7, as well as an E7 and a X7 all seemingly top of the line for Nokia.

The Nokia C7 pictured here is listed as a C7-00 from the Chinese based site that has leaked the pictures, the site goes on to claim that the new C7 carries a set of stereo speakers, 3.5mm headset hack, a 3.5 inch screen,  as well as an 8 megapixel camera with not one but two LED-flashes. The leaked pictures of this model remind me of the first tilt or 8925, just a little smaller.  The question left on most reading is what kind of screen is it, as we have seen the popularity of the Samsung AMOLEDS, as well as the “revolutionary” screen coming out of Apples camp. The pictures of the device have the phone plugged in and I would only imagine that the battery is fully charged, unfortunately the parties that have the phone in hand have not turned the darn thing on.  All we can do at this point is sit and wait.

Nokia is known for being a huge staple in the mobile industry, selling more phones worldwide than any company competing. When it comes to Nokia models we are always heavily interested as setting the “bar” is something there known for. We will see what happens with this C7 as I’m sure there are some hefty goodies inside of this model.

Nokia phones get your hear racing?

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